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Bob’s BMW Stunt Show with Chris “Teach” McNeil


Bob’s BMW Stunt Show with Chris “Teach” McNeil

It’s not every day you have one of the premiere stunt riders and one of the most anticipated sports bikes to hit the streets in years — the BMW S 1000 RR — at your local dealership. But that was exactly the case at Bob’s BMW (located in Jessup MD) spring Open House.

BMW Factory rider and Motorrad champion freestyle performer Chris “Teach” McNeil made a grand entrance from atop an intimidating slope on a BMW F800GS complete with saddle bags which happened to also be one of his stunt bikes. Yes, an F800 that was tossed around like a 600 liter bike.  As if that wasn’t enough to get the crowd pumped, he then saddled up on his S 1000 RR which he equally handled with the greatest of ease.  Not only was his skill level and dominance over these two formidable bikes the equivelant of Floyd Mayweather over Sugar Shane Mosley, but his antics also added a light-hearted flair to his performance.  Kudos to Bob’s for a one-of-a-kind open house!